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Big River Classics

Blue Ribbon Classic Chevy Club

Canadian Classic Chevy Car Club

Capital District Chevrolet Club Inc

Central Oklahoma Classic Chevy

Chevrolet Nomad Association

Chevy Performance Club of America

Classic Chevy Club of Nova Scotia

Connecticut Classic Chevy

Cosworth Vega Owners Association

East Penn Late Great Chevys

Fifty 5 6 7  Club

Golden State Novas

Houston Area Chevy Club

Just Old Trucks of Austin, Texas

National Impala Association

National Association of Chevrolet Owners

National Nostalgic Nova

North-East Chevy/GMC Truck Club

Northwest Classic Chevy Club

Rhode Island Chevy Owners Association

San Jose Classic Chevy Club

Tri-Chevy Assoc.

Vintage Chevrolet Club of America

'65-'66 Full Size Chevrolet Club